The School

The TNGCF Team along with local contractors were able to build a school from the ground up. Months of digging and manual labor were put in to allow many children the opportunity at education. 

  • Our goals; Obtain more land for women training centers for jobs in nursery and senior care.

  • Obtain more School supplies ,better pay for teachers , and generators to keep the lights on.


The Orphans

 Many children lost in the chaotic streets of Kinshasa everyday. We've been able to aid countless by giving temporary shelter and sustainable nutrition. Without no parents or resources many of these children are at a loss but not without your help.

Our goals: Feed , House and pay schooling for more orphans.


The Clinic

We visited a few clinics located in rural areas away from medical supply centers. We met with physicians , nurses and saw the negative impact of poor medical care.

Our goals: obtain enough lab equipment ,hospital beds , and tools for the doctors.


The Church

We visited the Church of Christ a local church in Kinshasa. To speak and share the gospel.

Our goal: Prayer and financial support to provide supplies such as bibles , chairs, and musical instruments.


​​Call us:678-651-0994

Buford Tabernacle Church : 2070 Buford Hwy , Buford ,GA 30518